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Oct 11, 2012 10:00pm PDT
steven. >> he was so funny and had such a great love of music. >> he is lovable, everybody loves steven b. >> but soon, it was fatally clear that not everybody did. >> they came up on a body floating in the water. >> shot him one time in the back of the head. >> i felt like i was in some made-for-tv movie, like this can't be happening. >> what did happen? >> tonight, the hunt is on. a gleaming yacht. >> i thought why did you get on that boat? >> a scheming businessman and a missing fortune. >> you are a multimillionaire and you are don't have any money? >> from high seas adventure to heart-stopping murder. >> i don't think i will ever get another case quite like this. >> who killed the radio star? welcome to "dateline," everyone, i'm lester holt. he was one of the lucky ones who found fame and fortune, a deejay with a golden voice on the radio and a golden touch in life. then, he vanished, in a mystery that stretched from the coast of california to a quiet town in montana. and the clue to it all, you might never guess, wrapped in a napkin, tucked in a cabinet, hidden in a library. but wou
Oct 12, 2012 10:00pm PDT
built it, and they came. steven gaines wrote about it in his book, "fool's paradise." ♪ >> it became a destination for the rat pack, for frank sinatra, the major stars were appearing at the found fountain blue. >> novak needed a queen to preside over his aqua-colored palace. he found one in a former coca-cola model named bernice. with her beauties a-- with her butte and charm, she was the perfect celebrity to make the fountain blue the scene of its day. ben and bernice lived over the store in a suite. then along came their young prince, ben novak jr. >> he was a spoiled kid. he was a brat. >> ben jr., don't call him benji, would be trotted out to shake hands with the likes of jfk, then it was back up the hotel zeelevator to home. birthday cakes came from room service. >> the kids who came to the birthday party were strange force him. just kids who were passing through the hotel. >> the friendless, lonely boy,liked by his father's help, lost himself in the fantasy world of batman. the superhero became an obsession. even as an adult, ben jr. was still amassing a floor-to-ceiling collec
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)